For the love of magic!

When I was very small, I remember getting in trouble quite often for squinting my eyes like Jeanie and wrinkling up my nose like Samantha to zap or change something (my mom was a likely target, I must admit). I have always wanted to be magical-to have witch powers. Each year on my birthday, and sometimes even still, I wonder if this is the year when my magic will find me.

Tomorrow I’ll go see the final Harry Potter movie (too grumpy when I’m tired to hit the midnight showing & even though he’ll never admit it, Schmoopy really wants to see it, too!). For me, it is that magic that I’ve always wanted, but in a very real way.

I love magic. I love HP! If that makes me a dork, a dreamer, a geek, or a rock star…well, I just don’t care. I love it and I’m proud and thankful to have grown with these books and films so near to my heart and so real in my imagination.


  1. Oh Mandee, I hope you never grow up, my magic girl!!! you make life fun, joyous and unexpected. Yet, I would call you first in a pinch, and know you would be right therel

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