Today I am…Praying and Wishing


Today I am praying and wishing.

Big Prayers and Big Wishes.

One of my favorite people is in labor right now. She’s having a baby. I already love him. I know this.

I’ve been praying for them all day. I cannot wait to snuggle that little guy. Cannot wait! I’m so excited. Cannot wait to hug that brand new Mama and see the sudden wisdom in her eyes.

I pray. I pray that she is strong. I pray that he is a fighter. I pray this and so much more for both of them. And for his Daddy, too. I pray for healthy baby screams and fusses. I pray for every good and amazing thing.

I wish everything for this little guy. I wish every promise and hope and dream. Every good thing. Every magical thing. Everything. Every. Single. Beautiful. Thing.

And I pray for so many of my beautiful amazing friends that are loving and graceful parents raising children that are so totally and completely loved. I pray for patience and wisdom, laughter and love, and the kind of memories that make our world a better place.

And I pray for those waiting to be parents, that are praying to be parents, that are wishing to be parents. I pray for them. For their strength, their dreams, their everythings. I wish for every single one to become true and real life.

And I pray for everyone who never got to hold their babies. Or didn’t get to hold them long enough. Prayers for longings to be filled and rainbows to be bright. I pray for peace and strength, for healing and faith. I pray for compassion for those who don’t understand this pain and loss and just want us and our sad to go away. And I pray that not one more person ever has to understand this kind of pain. I spend my minutes wishing for everyone’s happily ever after.

And I pray for our pain. Our empty. Our far away and foggy glances. I pray for the tears to stop and the loathing to end. I pray for the loss that extends so far beyond our empty arms and frayed beliefs. I pray for our fractured faith that once was whole. I pray for everyone who had to walk away because sad isn’t fun and those that only add more weight to this infinite burden. I pray for full and trues and everything’s. I pray and I wish for Hope truly realized.

Faith. Baby prayers. Baby wishes.

photo credit: limaoscarjuliet via photopin cc

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