Review Policy

I am NOT accepting books for review at this time.

My TBR pile is totally exciting, but towering over me! Once I get those books read, I’ll be ready for reviews again!

I love YA Lit, Middle Grades Lit, Kid Lit, & Chick Lit. I especially like Vampires, Zombies, Paranormal Romance, and Dystopia! I also read grown-up books sometimes. If you’d like for me to read your book, just ask!

As always, I’m super excited to read everything I can get my hands (and my bling) on!

Reading it before anyone else = even more awesome!

Publishers, authors, book people everywhere, send me your books!

Each review will have a picture of the book and my bling. I am currenty working to establish what other information will be standard with each review aside from the pic, title, & author.

I will post my reviews here, on Twitter, on Facebook, Amazon, and Goodreads. If there is another specific place that you would like the review posted, just let me know.

I will write a totally honest review and rate the book based on my Bling Book Rating System. I will try to complete every book that I begin. I will (try really hard to) post my reviews within two weeks of finishing the book. If you have specific review dates, please let me know. Books that I read come from many sources, such as: Libraries, Publishers, Bookstores, Loans from Friends, Gifts, and any place else where books can be found. I will let you know the source of each book that I post. Even if the author or publisher gives me a book, I always promise an honest review! (I love reading. I have no love for lying!)

Bling Book Rating System:

5 Bling Books: Amazing book! I love, love, loved it!

4 Bling Books: Really great read. I enjoyed it a great deal.

3 Bling Books: Good book. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t really like it, either!

2 Bling Books: Not my favorite book. It was OK. Maybe something was off in the plot or I didn’t connect to the characters.

1 Bling Books: Just not my kind of book. I didn’t like it at all.

No Bling Books: I had to stop reading this book. I couldn’t finish it. I do try to finish every book I start, but if there are major plot/character issues or if I just cannot get into it, I will let that book go.

Sometimes a book my earn a half-a-bling extra, if I was really torn between two ratings. I will try to be decisive, but that can’t always happen.

I would love to do giveaways, contests, and author interviews. Let me know what your ideas are. I’m open to anything awesome!

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Notes & Disclaimers:

I do participate in the Amazon Affiliates program. If you purchase a book from one of my links, I will get compensation for that purchase. I use this money to support this site, buy more books to read, and for giveaways.

Sometimes publishers, authors, or companies send me books/products to review. I always give my honest opinion in all of my reviews. I do not get paid for reviewing anything, but am sometimes compensated in merchandise. I do make note of this in my reviews.

If you have any questions about any of my policies or procedures or you’d like to contact me for a review, please send an email to: