Arting It Up with 29 Faces!


In September, I decided to participate in the 29 Faces Challenge by Ayala Art! It was so awesome. The amount of growth from drawing one or two faces a day was really amazing! I made a Flipagram showing my progress: (omg, who just inserted a video into a blog post? this girl!) I had such […]

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Our Darkest Day


Today is the anniversary of our darkest day. Today is the day, on October 1, 2010, that we lost our dear baby Hope. We went to the doctor excited to see our baby on the big fancy ultra sound machine. 14 weeks of bliss. The best 14 weeks of our lives. We left in tears. […]

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The eyeliner incident, but not really


Last week I cried because the wrong color eyeliner was in my box from Sephora. Cried. Ugly, Schmoopy needed to hold me cry. It was about as awful as a Dobby from HP kind of cry. My patient, kind, loving husband who doesn’t always understand but loves without judgement and so fiercely, let me thrash […]

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Arting It Up: 29 Faces


My love of Grumpy Cat & Sharknado will never fade, but I’ve also been really into making mixed media art lately. It is an extension of my love of scrapbooking, but kicked up a bunch. I can do anything with this style, no matter what I have on hand or what my mood is. It’s […]

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Today I Am…Quitting!

i quit

Sometimes, just sometimes, being a quitter actually makes you a winner.  It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I realized I could quit reading a book that I hated. I mean, I even called my mom to ask permission. She laughed, like she usually does, and told me to go for it. Wow. […]

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Today I am…Going Back to School & Starting Summer Camp!

I made this in Effy Wild's class. Love her!

I started back to school last week. The kiddos come on Thursday and I cannot wait! I love my monsters! I will get to meet them tomorrow at open house and I’m so excited. I LOVE BEING A TEACHER! Even my worst days are better than most people’s good days. That’s a blessing, for sure! […]

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Arting it Up!


Look what I made!! Tonight I took a class at Altered Angel, my ultimate fave store in the universe, with the amazing Donna Downey. It totally rocked!

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Just like Hazel


Just like Hazel’s love for An Imperial Affliction, I can’t stop reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I’m listening to it in the car now (I saw it at the library and grabbed it!). It is beauty and magic and perfection all at once. It leaves me, quite like Hazel’s constant state, breathless. […]

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August Blogalong with Effy Wild


So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to Effy Wild’s Blogalong. Effy is a super amazing & awesomely creative artist, teacher, and glitter flinger. She is totally one of my artistic heroes! I’m taking her Book of Days class now & WOW! It is so full of win! I’m not going to make this an icky […]

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Checking Out Bloglovin’

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Checking out the hype that is Bloglovin’ So far, so awesome!

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