Dear Bully-Can’t Wait to Read This!

Dear Bully Bling!

I have been waiting for this book! I am so excited to read it and share it with others! Bravo to these authors who share their stories of bullies and how they survived! I know these stories will help so many people!

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What I’ve Been Reading & Loving or The End of My Reading Slump!

5 Bling Book!

I was in a reading slump this summer. I don’t know why–I usually read like crazy all summer.  It was hard to book blog when I wasn’t reading (duh!). Thankfully, that is behind me now! I’ve been reading some amazing books (and a few that were just ok). Here’s a quick pic post of what […]

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Reviewed! Madly in Love with Michelle Leighton’s Series!


Madly & Wolfhardt I really am in love with Madly! (I’m not going to say I’m Mad about Madly…but I really want to!) Michelle Leighton really got it right with her awesome mermaids. Yup, that’s right…mermaids! How awesome is that?! I have to admit, I’ve been in quite the reading slump lately. I haven’t been […]

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For the love of magic!


When I was very small, I remember getting in trouble quite often for squinting my eyes like Jeanie and wrinkling up my nose like Samantha to zap or change something (my mom was a likely target, I must admit). I have always wanted to be magical-to have witch powers. Each year on my birthday, and […]

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Swamplandia! by Karen Russell totally ROCKS!


I am LOVING this strange & beautiful story from Karen Russell. I can’t really describe it yet, other than to tell you that there is a sister who loves dead people, a brother who runs away to join the World of Darkness, and a girl who wants to become a champion alligator wrestler just like […]

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Learning & Failing-not giving up!

I decided to switch to & to use HostGator to host my blog. Blah, blah, who cares-you may say. I kinda thought that, too. I was wrong. There is A WHOLE FREAKING LOT to learn. I’m not a quitter, so I will figure it out! I will be at the library tomorrow doing some […]

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Awesome Contest from A. S. King or True Confessions of a Typo-Queen!

I really should know better, but I really should a lot of things… Yesterday, I got super excited about the upcoming release of the new A. S. King book EVERYBODY SEES THE ANTS, which comes out on October 3.              A. S. King really is my favorite YA author. I wanted […]

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Awesome Contest by Awesome WITHER author Lauren DeStefano

  I totally love WITHER book & cannot wait until the second in the trilogy, FEVER! Lauren DeStefano has an awesome contest to win an ARC of WITHER & FEVER! I totally need that! =D Check it out! If I win, I’ll share. If you win, you’ll share! We will all play nice!  

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Look What I Made!

Found out about this cool app Wordfoto while playing on Twitter! So fun!

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Not totally insane! @CarrieRyan’s HARE MOON is real!

So, I totally thought that the 3rd in the FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH series was going to be about Sister Tabitha. I was kind of shocked when I started reading and it wasn’t. Then I couldn’t figure out why I thought that. But, today, I got my answer. I was reading the AWESOME Carrie […]

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