More Mandee Monday #3 – Picture Pages

In February, I started participating in the Photo-A-Day challenge by FatMumSlim. It is so fun! I’m really enjoying looking at the world in terms of one (or two) words and capturing a quick picture with my iPhone.  I love my iPhone! I really want a new one, but I cannot get Schmoopy to go for it! I’m posting all of the pics on Instagram. I love this new sense of community these pictures provide for me. It has also helped me to start scrapbooking again. I’m doing Project Life this year and loving it.  I’m doing it as I have time and not putting pressure on myself! It serves as  a nice quick distraction from all the work and reading I’m doing as I write my dissertation (which I do not love, but will finish!!).

Here are a few of my favorite Photo-A-Day Pictures.  I’m using TypoInsta, Pixlromatic, PicFrame, & Labelbox on my phone and ordering prints of them from PostalPix, MoPho, and PersnicketyPrints. I haven’t decided which company I like the best yet.  I am using Picnik until they close (boo!).


April’s Photo-A-Day Challenge has been posted. I’d love for you to join me!

April Photo-A-Day Challenge from FatMumSlim


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