Ladies Rock Camp! Help Me Rock into 40!

More Mandee Monday-Date Night Edition!

More Mandee Monday-Ladies Rock!

I know it isn’t Monday, but I just couldn’t wait to post this! 

I’m going to be 40! WHAT?!

I’m not quite sure how it is possible, because most days I feel about 25, but it is a fact that on January 3, 2014, I will be 40 years old. I have completely and totally decided:

this new decade is going to ROCK! 

To kick-off my new rock star lifestyle (the kind of rock star that goes to bed pretty early, does crafts, and loves to read, of course) I really want to take guitar lessons. I also want go to this awesome Ladies Rock Camp with my super cool friend friend Lava-Girl. I totally have a feeling that I’m getting a sweet, sweet electric guitar for Christmas from Schmoopy, too. No, I didn’t peak, I promise!


Ladies Rock Camp is actually a fundraiser for Girls Rock Camp ATL. This awesome week long summer camp is for girls between the ages of 10 and 16. It’s just so much win! So, please consider helping me out! You can check out my Fundraiser Page here:

It would be an EPIC birthday gift for me that would also help send some super cool young people to camp! WIN!