Making Beautiful Messes!

I am indulging my creative self this summer! It is so beautiful and messy and just AWESOME!
I’m taking some art classes, learning how to bind books, drawing, scrapbooking, creating insane collages, painting, and making friends with colors!

Look what I made! 

Check out my beautiful muses, I know you’ll love them, too! 

So in love with Effy Wild!  She is my artistic hero! I’m doing her Book of Days and Bookbinding 101 classes. Heavenly! I just love the art and therapy and wisdom she gently places in my heart. Also the glitter flinging! It is just…RIGHT!


Christy Tomlinson, oh man! I can’t even describe her kind of awesome! I’m doing her Behind the Art class to learn about supplies, backgrounds, and colors. She makes it look effortless. I am making so many happy mistakes and just going for it!


Tamara Laporte, the force behind Willowing Arts is amazing! I finally signed up for her  Life Book 2013: Late to the party, but jumped in full force! I’m in heaven!

Kristin Tweedale of RuKristin is a rockstar! I took her Fold It In! class and made a million albums that I adore. She is running a wicked cool FREE summer class right now, Find Your Voice. It is all about discovering your storytelling voice. I’m so loving it!

IMG_4087   IMG_4290

I also joined in an art swap hosted by super creative and talented Sandra Kaye. I figured swapping would inspire me and get my booty in creative mode!

Of course, I’m stalking some awesome blogs, too!
Donna Downey…so in love with her Inspiration Wednesday posts. So much technique filled awesomeness!

I’m making stuff, messing up, gluing, painting, experimenting with color, & screaming DO OVER a lot! And I LOVE IT!
And, because I’m a book girl, I’m also reading these awesome books:

Art Journal Freedom by Dina Wakely…she is awesome!

Inner Excavation: Exploring Your Self  Through Photography, Poetry and Mixed Media by Liz Lamoreux. She has a book study on her blog & Effy Wild is doing one in The Glitterhood, too! Awesomeness!

Art is my new happy place! What’s your happy place? 


  1. Nice post.

  2. Smash Attack
    Twitter: SmashAttackAsh

    I’m so happy that you have been able to indulge in your creative side. It’s good for the soul. I so wish I had the time to do some of this with you. We need a creative weekend soon!

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