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I have found so many awesome blogs and added some AMAZING books to my (ginormous) TBR pile by participating in Follow My Book Blog Friday! Parajunkee & Alison Can Read totally ROCK for hosting!

This week’s question is:

Go count the number of unread books sitting on your shelf. How many?

My answer: UGH! Too many. I’d have to go into my super secret hiding places & really fess up if I were to give an accurate number. Let’s just say Schmoopy would not be amused! And I’m not even going to think about the huge number of books on my iPad or audio books that I’ve got or the number of books that I’ve requested from the library! OMG, or the number of to-read books on Goodreads! Double UGH!

I’m going with over 100 and just leaving it at that! (I know I kinda cheated!!)

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  1. I know, doesn’t everyone these days have some crazy amount on their bookshelves? Well, I know I do at least. I love your blog, it is very cute. New follower! Happy reading!

    Here’s my hop!

  2. Hahaha that is a lot but hey the more the merrier! 😛

    Great post! New follower:D


  3. Cute blog! I’m really loving the pink! New subscriber! After reading your answer, I realize that I haven’t even counted the books on my Nook! Oh well, lol! Check out my Follow Friday:

    Crystal @ Elegantly Bound Books

  4. Rachel R. says:

    HI! Check out my blog at

  5. LOL! That reminds me of the book rack I have behind the clothes in my closet. 😉

  6. Hopping through. As a new iPad owner, I’m curious. What is your favorite app to read books on your ipad?
    My Hop

    • Hi, Alison!
      I love iBooks the best. But I will read on the Kindle app, as books are often cheaper on Amazon. I getty tons of library books, too, which is where I go first. And NetGalley is great. I love my iPad. I’m sure you will, too!

  7. Yeah, I only really gave a general idea. LOL hiding places? hum, I don’t have those. YET. 😛

  8. It’s okay. I was tempted to cheat as well, considering that actually knowing what a book hoarder I’ve become would probably send me into cardiac arrest! Lol. But I ended up counting anyways, and the results weren’t exactly pretty…

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