Today I am…Blogging Along with Effy Wild!

Yay, I’m so in!

My favorite art goddess, Effy Wild, is going to be blogging daily in August & I’m going to join her!
I’ll be blogging about anything & everything: books, art, scrapbooking, teaching 8th grade monsters, this crazy baby chase, & who knows what else…(Sharknado, anyone)!



  1. Hooray! Hooray!
    So glad that you’re jumping into the fray. I needed the kick in the butt to blog again, so it’s perfect, yes? I don’t think I can add my linky-thing from my iPad.. but I will put it in a comment for today’s post. Please stop by when you can & I’m off to poke around a bit..
    ~ vicki xo

    PS love your profile!

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