For the love of magic!

When I was very small, I remember getting in trouble quite often for squinting my eyes like Jeanie and wrinkling up my nose like Samantha to zap or change something (my mom was a likely target, I must admit). I have always wanted to be magical-to have witch powers. Each year on my birthday, and sometimes even still, I wonder if this is the year when my magic will find me.

Tomorrow I’ll go see the final Harry Potter movie (too grumpy when I’m tired to hit the midnight showing & even though he’ll never admit it, Schmoopy really wants to see it, too!). For me, it is that magic that I’ve always wanted, but in a very real way.

I love magic. I love HP! If that makes me a dork, a dreamer, a geek, or a rock star…well, I just don’t care. I love it and I’m proud and thankful to have grown with these books and films so near to my heart and so real in my imagination.

Learning & Failing-not giving up!

I decided to switch to & to use HostGator to host my blog. Blah, blah, who cares-you may say. I kinda thought that, too. I was wrong. There is A WHOLE FREAKING LOT to learn. I’m not a quitter, so I will figure it out! I will be at the library tomorrow doing some research & reading many of the awesome blogs of those who have gone before me.
Why am I telling you this? Two reasons:
1. I really like book blogging-it is super fun, healing, & the other book bloggers feel like old friends already. It is a community that feels like home to me.
2. I am seriously in love with reading & the power of good books. Connecting people and books is worth a huge learning curve and a lot of frustration!

The bottom line: I haven’t been posting a lot. I have been learning a lot. I’m still reading all the time. Until I get a better hold on it all, find me on Twitter @ohmandee. That I can do! 🙂

Not totally insane! @CarrieRyan’s HARE MOON is real!

So, I totally thought that the 3rd in the FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH series was going to be about Sister Tabitha. I was kind of shocked when I started reading and it wasn’t. Then I couldn’t figure out why I thought that. But, today, I got my answer. I was reading the AWESOME Carrie Ryan’s blog and found out that I wasn’t totally insane. She wrote a prequel story to the series and it is about Sister Tabitha as a teen. It’s called HARE MOON. It is available as an ebook and I’m going to get it ASAP. Yay for the story and another Yay for me not being totally crazy (at least not right at this second!).

Here’s the link and picture from

Review: Because I am Furniture

Because I am FurnitureBecause I am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Since it is National Poetry Month, I think Because I am Furniture by Thalia Chaltas deserves a Shout-Out!

I ran across this book at the library a few months ago, read it in one evening (devoured it, really) and it has been on my mind ever since. Written in verse, it tells the story of a girl named Anke who isn’t being abused by dad, even though everyone else is. She grows stronger and stronger, both physically and emotionally, after making the volleyball team. All of the yelling of “Mine!” in the sport lead Anke to finally defend herself and her family from her abusive dad.

This book is amazing and totally earns all 5 of its Blings!

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Happy Easter! I will be spending the day with my nose in a book and being thankful for so many awesome things!