Creative Crush

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I’m constantly inspired by so many amazing people online. From artists, to bloggers, to designers, and writers. There is just so much awesome creativity going on in the world!

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and trying to figure out the best way to share these things with you.

It finally came to me: Creative Crush is a way to share sites, work, and whatever else that makes me say oooooooohhhhhhhhh! I hope you enjoy!

Lately, I’ve had a major Creative Crush on Jenny and Aaron from Everyday is a Holiday! I found Jenny’s Instagram one day and have been in love ever since (and not just because they live on the Jersey Shore!) Their style is AMAZING! It is classic, yet somehow fresh and new at the same time! They have this way with pinks and aquas that totally makes me sigh. Pops of colors, fun cupcakes, bunnies, and adorable 50ish looking girls…just so much love!

I ordered a “workshop in a box” called Lovely Ladies, Layers, and Lines from them over the summer and had so much fun with it. They even put some adorable presents in the box. I learned so much and totally apply it to a lot of my art. Jenny and Aaron are just so classic and awesome! (See why I’m calling this a Creative Crush!)

When I heard they had a book coming out, I immediately put it on my wish list! I couldn’t wait to get my bling on it! I wasn’t disappointed! I devoured it and even bought a copy for my Mama for Christmas. She loved it, too!


This book is filled with tons of adorableness! I want to stay home in my jammies and create everything in this book at least a zillion times! Major Creative Crush here!

I love their super cute coupleness (is that word), too! They work together and enjoy it so. True love is pretty important in my life and I love to see other couples who have found their soul mates! It makes my Schmoopy loving heart gush!

I find myself falling in love with their style over and over again. Just this morning, I sketched this cutie girl after a few minutes on their blog. I think I’ll draw her in my art journal soon and give her the candy pink hair she deserves!

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I hope you check out these to super adorable artists! I’m sure you will develop a Creative Crush of your own!

Check out the Everyday is a Holiday blog here

Check out the Everyday is a Holiday shop here

Don’t forget to check out their super awesome book, too!