Arting It Up: 29 Faces


My love of Grumpy Cat & Sharknado will never fade, but I’ve also been really into making mixed media art lately. It is an extension of my love of scrapbooking, but kicked up a bunch. I can do anything with this style, no matter what I have on hand or what my mood is. It’s pretty epic stuff with a no rules/no wrong kind of awesome that makes my heart really freaking happy!

I’m a huge Effy Wild fangirl. I’m taking both her Book of Days class & her Moonshine: Mother class. So much awesome! She suggested participating in the 29 Faces Challenge & I went for it! So much win!

I’ve grown so much in such a short amount of time. Practice & surrender really help! Here are some of my faces.








This is such a happy way to end my days! I’m sharing it with some of the monsters, too! I feel an after school art day coming on! Yay!

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