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What Remains by Helene Dunbar

About the Book:

WHAT REMAINS by Helene Dunbar
Release Date: May 8, 2015
Publisher: Flux Books
Pages: 288

In less than a second…
… two of the things Cal Ryan cares most about–a promising baseball career and Lizzie, one of his best friends–are gone forever.

In the hours that follow…
…Cal’s damaged heart is replaced. But his life will never be the same.

Everyone expects him to pick up the pieces and move on.

But Lizzie is gone, and all that remains for Cal is an overwhelming sense that her death was his fault. And a voice in his head that just…won’t…stop.

Cal thought he and his friends could overcome any obstacle. But grief might be the one exception.

And that might take a lifetime to accept…

I asked my 8th grade students to check out the cover and read the synopsis above,

G-says, “I would totally read this book! Can I read it now? Wait, you asked me about this awesome book and you don’t have a copy?! (Walks away shaking her head. I’m in trouble now).

E-says, “Ummm, I probably wouldn’t read it because it sounds super sad. I don’t know if I can handle that right before summer break!”

A-says, “Ooohhhh, sounds like mystery and she’d like to know how it ends.

G-says it sounds GREAT & probably full of awesomeness.

C- says, “Oh, yes!

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About the Author:

Helene Dunbar usually writes features about fiddles and accordions for an Irish Music Magazine, but she’s also been known to write about court cases, theater, and Native American Indian tribes. She’s amazed that she has a day job that pays her to spend time on Facebook and Twitter, and that, on a good day, gives her time to let the voices in her head out into the world to tell a story.
If she had to put money on it, she’d bet that if music didn’t exist, she wouldn’t be able to write.

 She’s lived in two countries, six states, and is currently holed up in Nashville with her husband, daughter, two cats, and the world’s friendliest golden retriever.

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